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November 17, 2021
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January 19, 2022
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Wrestling with Reality of Life and Death

When you think about the redemptive characteristics of Christ, some things that often come to mind is that he delivers us, purifies us, and that he meets us in our mess. For Jeremiah, he told me how literal this was for him.

Jeremiah had been attending church and City Life but lived far away from the Lord. He wanted nothing to do with Christianity because the pursuit of friends and chasing girls severed any desire for a relationship with Christ.

One day while he was on the road, he was taken by surprise when he came upon a car accident. This accident sparked thoughts of how fragile life really is and the reality that we are not entitled to see another day on earth. As he was driving past this crash site, he looked to his brother and said “hey bro that could be us in that car.” He couldn’t get his mind off the crash. It produced fear while thinking about it, thinking if he died today, he would be going to hell.

There wouldn’t be a moment during that day where Jeremiah didn’t wrestle with the reality of life and death. From the road, to his bedroom, with his friends, and even in the bathroom, Jeremiah explained he couldn’t seem to be at peace. I don’t know about you, but often times my best thoughts come when I’m in the bathroom. Some would even consider their bathroom their “office” to do their business. For Jeremiah, this moment would indeed spark the best thought he would ever have, which was to handle business by getting right with Jesus and giving his life to him.

Please pray with me for Jeremiah as God continues to shake up and change his life.

-Arthur Fennicks
*Names have been changed