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December 1, 2017
The Light has Come
December 15, 2017
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Who can you trust?

On the climbing team we interact with many different students from differing walks of life. These students have a variety of issues they are struggling with and they come to the climbing gym for a chance to get a break from those issues. Amber joined the climbing team a few years ago because it was a good workout and she enjoyed the physical aspect of climbing. Since Amber joined the team, her family has gone through a divorce and she has been battling some issues with self-harm. When all of this began to occur, it was realized that climbing had to be more than just a hobby for her; The Edge had to be a place where she felt comfortable to be herself. Amber is a quiet and introverted person, but as she has gotten to know the team at The Edge, as well as the other students, she has opened up and would now consider The Edge her second home.

Recently we started a Club for the climbing team, with the goal of providing a platform to openly share Christ with the students on the climbing team. During practice times we share Christ through our actions and conversations, but Club provides us with a specific time each week where we are able to present the Gospel. On our first night of Club we started by talking about the concept of trust. We talked with the students about who they could trust. Their answers ranged from family, teachers, coaches, to friends. We then asked them who they thought the coaches trusted the most; it was Amber who came up with the first answer. She did not say anything, but with a little grin on her face simply pointed up. It may not say a lot to some people, but to us it was huge! It says that she recognizes the priority of Christ in us, but also that she knows that God is someone who can be trusted. With everything going on in Amber’s life, turning to the world for comfort will often times only lead to more pain, and not satisfy the emptiness she feels. Please join with us in praying for Amber, that she would learn to trust, and find comfort and value from God.

-DeWayne Moore

*Names have been changed