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Welcome Speaker Jeffrey Dean

Jeffrey Dean is an ordained pastor, communicator and author. He is the founder of Jeffrey Dean Ministries, whose mission is to equip people to know and grow in Christ. A 22-year veteran of teen and family ministry, Jeffrey has risen to become an authority on teens and teen culture.

With his innate ability to zero in on today’s youth culture, Jeffrey connects with teens by speaking their language, understanding their dilemmas, and resonating deep within their hearts on the issues that matter most. As a true evangelist and one who is passionate in calling students to a deeper commitment to Christ, Jeffrey has spoken to more than three million people in churches, conferences, prisons, public and private schools and music festivals.

With his signature style of tackling everyday issues by applying real-life biblical solutions, Jeffrey confronts critical topics of relevance for this generation head-on equipping people to realize their purpose and value, align their priorities to God’s plan and win in life.

A lover of writing, Jeffrey has a column in Forward and Direction Magazines. Additionally, he writes for other publications including Horizon Magazine, The Brink, Fusion Magazine and Stand Firm. Jeffrey is also the writer of the six-volume curriculum Flood, published by Serendipity House Publishing, and acclaimed books Between the Lines: One-Liner Wisdom for Today’s Girls andBetween the Lines: One-Liner Wisdom for Today’s Guys, published by Random House Publishing.

His releases for teens, The Graduate Handbook, This Is Me and Watch This, are bold, interactive resources for teen girls and guys, respectively, offering relevant solutions and practical applications to the current issues plaguing them most today, including, relationships, parental conflicts, graduating, evangelism, dating and more. His most recent release for parents The Fight Of Your Life is a shockingly truthful and reassuringly practical book highlighting the “must-know” information every teen influencer needs to help guide and guard this generation.

Jeffrey makes his home in Nashville, Tennessee with his wife and their two daughters.

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