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September 12, 2020
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October 16, 2020
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Weight Lifting and Ministry

When I first met Jack, I realized pretty quickly that he had some serious self-esteem issues. Due to these issues, he often doubts himself and tends to quit things quickly because he does not believe in himself. Jack is thirteen years old, but he weighs more than I do and has dealt with a lot of bullying from his peers because of his weight. I wanted to help him achieve some of his fitness goals, but I didn’t want to overwhelm him right off the bat, so we started with just taking walks once a week to start getting him active. He really enjoyed that activity and started asking me if there were more intense things that we could do.

I started taking a group of our City Life kids weekly to our weight room at our office and Jack was a part of that group. They were all beginners, so we started with very basic body weight exercises. Even with something so simple, I noticed Jack getting very discouraged. After a lot of encouragement though, he began to realize that he was able to do more physically than he thought he ever could. We had one day that I taught them how to squat and Jack wanted to see how much weight he could squat. We were fairly cautious with this, but he ended up squatting one hundred pounds (he could have done more) and was blown away by his own strength.

A couple months after that day, I was talking to Jack and we started talking about weight lifting and how well he was doing with it. He told me that he has been feeling a lot better about himself and the main reason is because he’s been able to push himself in the weight room and knows he can do more than he thinks. It may seem like a small thing, but it literally changed his mentality throughout the week on everything in his life. I am so excited to see the growth that he will continue to have.

-Tim Moore
*Names have been changed