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March 30, 2022
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The Simple Things

I want to tell you about Jonny. Jonny is quiet and very shy, but unbelievably sweet and kind-hearted. I have been working with Jonny for a couple of years. He comes from a wonderful and loving family and is very involved in sports. I had always asked about his sports games and tried to get information on them so I could start attending them to show support. Our volunteer team wanted to go as well to show him support. Week after week of no answers or forgetfulness turned into months after months of him forgetting to tell us when and where his games were.

Finally, after a year of asking and reminding we were able to attend a game of his. We cheered him on with all our hearts, and he was so lit up by our support; it was awesome! After the game we all rushed to go say hi to him and tell him how great he did. While doing that, he pulls me to the side and says, “thank you so much for coming! I can’t thank you guys enough for showing up.” In that moment I realized it was hard for him to understand that we loved him and wanted to show up and support him. Something as simple as going to a kid’s sports game seems like a small and even easy task, but something like that can be huge for a kid. We sometimes miss how impactful just showing up for a kid touches their heart and gives them a small glimpse of God’s never-failing love.

-Alexis Bobarakis
*Names have been changed