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February 28, 2020
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March 24, 2020
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“Tell me one good thing”

When I first met this young lady, she was a spitfire full of negative energy, negative emotions and negative thoughts and It all manifested into a very difficult kid that some would’ve called “unlovable”

It took many weeks of her coming to Club before I could say anything more positive to her other than “Hi! Welcome!” because after that it was just damage control!! After a while she would come and be still enough for 60 seconds so we would have a very quick surface level conversation that always started with the question, “tell me 1 good thing about your day” and she would reply “NOTHING”.

Now this went on for a long time but I never stopped asking and each time she would answer the same, until one week she stopped long enough to think about it but still, the answer was the same, “NOTHING”. Another week I asked and she answered, but this time I took her apart from the rest of the kids and we talked until she could think of 1 good thing. I don’t remember what she said, maybe that she had cereal that morning, but it spring-boarded us into longer and longer conversations each week.

Months down the road she opened up (after she answered the question) about an extremely upsetting and unthinkable event that she said had happened to her and it was one of the reasons she was so angry and negative all the time. I have since learned that her mom is not the best role model for her either.

We have prayed together and one of her friends has even joined us on occasion and they both feel free enough to talk about the hard stuff they’re dealing with.

A couple of weeks ago this spitfire of a kid came in and I asked, “tell me 1 good thing” she answered, “EVERYTHING’! I asked if she could be more specific and she just beamed “I don’t know, the whole day, but mostly just giggling with my friends”. We were both so joyful (mostly) and celebrated her great day with some of her friends!

This may not seem like a lot, and we at City Life know there is much more to her story, but I think that she is finally in position to really begin that best part. That one true good thing. We are so grateful to God for sending us our little spitfire!!

-Cherie Vedder