Packing Your Fears
June 15, 2018
Edge Cup 2018
June 28, 2018
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Take my Place

Recently, Capital District Youth For Christ hosted an event called the Edge Cup. The Edge Cup is a day where all of our various ministry sites come together for a friendly competition to try to win “The Cup”. The Climbing Team participated in this event for the first time last year and was super excited to come back and compete again this year. One of the neat, but also challenging parts of the Climbing Team is that it is comprised of a wide variety of ages, 10-18 year olds to be exact. The Edge Cup was no different; we had students from 10-18 years old competing against each other. Everyone was friendly and kind to each other, but the wide age range comes with some interesting matchups.

During one portion of the day, I saw such a clear example of what many students and even adults do in their walks with Christ. Let me tell you about it.

During the Edge Cup, one of the six different events we competed in was dodgeball. At the dodgeball portion of the competition, we got paired up with one of the more athletic groups that attended the event. These students seemed to tower over the younger members of our team. We had one 10 year old that had decided to participate, Max. Shortly into the game he saw that he was in way over his head. He stood plastered to the wall, visibly terrified of the balls that were flying at him faster than he could fathom, but with every game, he kept participating. It was shortly into the second game that another student on the Climbing Team asked him if he wanted him to take his place in the game, but Max wanted to stay in, even though he was clearly not having a good time, he was not about to accept help.

The ministry of Youth For Christ sees a lot of students who are like Max. The world is bombarding them endlessly with fear, depression, anger, sin, etc. and Christ wants to step in and take their place, but just like Max they are determined to get through it on their own. The students that we minister to have struggles, but they have somebody who wants to take their place. They just have to let Him.

-DeWayne Moore

*Names have been changed