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March 2, 2018
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March 16, 2018
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Step Up

When it comes to athletics there are always people that step up to be leaders of a team and people that step up to become captains. When it comes to ministry there are also students that begin to step up and take ownership and leadership of the ministry.

In the soccer ministry, that student who is stepping up is Jake. Jake is a junior in high school who has grown up in a Christian home. He absolutely loves soccer and began playing with us a little over a year ago. Jake began to come to soccer because he knows YFC is a Christian organization and because it gave him an opportunity to play a game that he loves.

This winter we have not had a great turnout of students to play, and when numbers are lacking, it makes it difficult to play a good game of soccer. Jake has taken it on himself to begin to seek out other students to join us at soccer. He has been getting really excited about getting the word out to his friends and to the people that he interacts with at work. Jake is not only getting excited about the prospect of having more and more people to play soccer with, but that we will have the opportunity to reach more and different people with the Gospel.

We are in the beginning steps of spreading the word, but with the work and passion of students like Jake, I believe that we will be able to use the universal language of soccer to greatly reach students with the Gospel.

-DeWayne Moore

*Names have been changed