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October 11, 2019
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Sean’s Battle

It has not been an easy start to the school year for Cohoes City Life. One of our kids, Sean, has been in the hospital now for three weeks in a medically induced coma battling sepsis. Sean has sickle cell disease which makes battling this infection even harder for him.

He was admitted to the hospital with what they thought were complications of his sickle cell disease, but the doctor said “I saw Sean go from having a headache, to dying in front of my eyes in a matter of minutes.” That same doctor, three weeks later, urged Sean’s parents to think about his quality of life after all of this is over. She said that he had zero percent chance to make it and that his intestines were dead. She had seen four other sickle cell patients with this same complication and they had all died within twenty-four hours of being admitted to the hospital, so she was shocked when she came in the morning after he was admitted and he was still alive. We continued to believe that God desired to heal Sean and we prayed for a miracle. Two days after, she urged them to think about next steps, Sean went back into surgery so they could check his intestines again. The doctors were shocked and said that on Friday they were black, but Monday afternoon they were pink again.

Sean still has a very long and difficult battle ahead of him, but he is a fighter. Please join with me in prayer for his complete and supernatural healing.

-Tim Moore