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March 7, 2019
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March 28, 2019
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Rise Up

Recently, Bailey sent out a group message to all the City Life staff that said, “I have so much to talk to you guys about! I can’t wait!” The following night at Jumpoff, our Club outreach program that we do in Schenectady every Tuesday night, she shared that she had had an interview at Siena College and it looked like she would be accepted for the fall semester!

She was so joyful as she tried to download all the info they had given her on their program to share with us. Then, she began to share about a youth conference with a local church she had been on recently; that joy she had when she was sharing about college exploded one hundred-fold! Bailey had met with God during her time away. She was focused and determined to follow Jesus no matter the cost, she was on fire. This is probably one of my favorite moments with Bailey since I’ve known her!

I want to give you the back story of this precious young lady so that you can appreciate her even more by knowing where she has come from and the struggles she has endured. Bailey comes from a single parent home. Her Mom has her own issues to deal with, her own battles to fight, along with health problems for the past four years. They have always struggled financially and there was surely food insecurity as well as all the other issues that come along with financial stress, but Bailey is a force to be reckoned with! She is energetic, always ready to try new things, loves playing sports and she loves being involved with her drama company at school. Bailey gave her life over to Christ during middle school. She has had her highs and her lows but has known the grace and forgiveness of God. Throughout the time she has come to City Life she has continually showed up for every Club and every event we have had.

It is not easy to follow Jesus as a young person today or to rise up out of generational financial issues, but God has found a way for her to do just this! We cannot wait to see the impact she will have in this world and for generations to come. We love her so very much and we cannot contain our joy for Bailey.

-Cherie Vedder
*Names have been changed