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June 13, 2017
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July 21, 2017
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“Reaching the lost is what I’m called to do”

Working as the Albany City Life Director I have the great privilege of working with some amazing youth. Having the freedom to speak to youth about Gods love for them and share the Gospel, one couldn’t ask for a better job.

Recently though, God reminded me that it is not only the kids that attend the Albany City Life program that need Jesus, but also the kids I encounter through my own children. My love for Jesus and the witness to others is not just a 9-5 job but a life style. More specifically a young man named, Xavier, who is my son’s best friend, came to me to discuss a big decision he was in the process of making for his future. He was debating whether or not to move across country for college and basketball. While I was doing my laundry, we sat my basement and discussed the pros and cons about this potential move. I tried to give him the best advice I could, and then he left.

What I later realized is that I had missed a great opportunity to pray with him and really call upon God to help guide him through this process. But I wasn’t going to fully miss this opportunity. I immediately called him as he was waiting for the plane. His response to me asking to pray for him was “that’s the Manda I know and love”.

It was after that phone call that I was reminded not to forget about those who are always around me, that they need to know God as well. That phone call though, has opened up some great opportunities. While across the country Xavier and I have spoken on numerous occasions and have called on God for guidance and peace of mind with the decisions that needed to be made. The small act of asking to pray for him has opened up a great opportunity to truly share with him and lead him into a relationship with Jesus Christ.

I ask that you pray for Xavier on this new adventure in his life, that he will continue to call on God for guidance. Yes, Director of Albany City Life might be my title/job, but reaching the lost and introducing them to Christ is what I am called by God to do in every aspect of my life. Whether at the job, in my home, among my family and in my community.

*Names have been changed