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May 24, 2019
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June 13, 2019
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Numbers have meaning. 1,000,000.

I have to admit I tend to lean into numbers. The cold hard facts of a number can be unforgiving like when I step on my bathroom scale. Behind the numbers there is usually a compelling story. At first glance it is just a number of where I am at today not where I have been or the direction I am heading. When I reflect on the hidden story behind the number, a journey starts to emerge.

In YFC we track numbers. Just ask our staff and volunteers. We count the number of teens we know by name as well as the number of teens that become Christians that are now sharing their faith with their unsaved friends. We count how many adult volunteers are in authentic Christ sharing relationships with lost 11-19 year olds. 

God is in the habit of counting too. I will confess there are times when I skim over those passages in the Bible where I see lists and numbers. But when I choose to slow down and see the purpose of those lists of numbers or names, I see a God that pays attention to every individual and detail.

The teens we invest in are so much more than a number or a name on a report.  They represent a life that God seeks to redeem and restore. God’s intent is to provide a more abundant life to these young people and to you and me.

So we count. ONE MILLION. That is the number we are counting towards in YFC all across the United States. One million lost teens that need a Savior (just like you and me). 

-Kevin Post