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October 20, 2017
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November 3, 2017
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Zack’s Story

I would like to introduce you to Zack. Zack is a student that is pretty quiet, but is getting more and more comfortable around other students as well as City Life leaders. Zack is on the wrestling team at school and also enjoys playing soccer and football. He is a very good kid; he has just been dealing with some family issues his entire life.

Zack’s parents are not together and he splits time between his mother and father’s houses. A few years ago, Zack’s mother had a very bad stroke and they didn’t know if she was going to make it. She also has kidney failure and diabetes. The family had been jumping through hoops and doing everything they could do to try to get her on a donor list and find a suitable kidney for a much needed transplant. Zack’s aunt prayed about it and decided that she would be a donor and after a bunch of tests and going through a long process, it was decided that they could not be a match. This was devastating for the entire family, especially Zack. It felt like the entire process had to reset and start over. His mother was finally placed on a transplant list, but the future was not looking bright for a new kidney transplant. All during this time Zack’s relationship with others had ups and downs; as well as his relationship with God. Everything with his parents’ relationship wasn’t good at all, his mother had been very sick for the last few years, and on top of all of this his little brother has been dealing with health issues since birth. I’m sure he questioned if there was in fact a God, which obviously affected his entire outlook on life.

This summer, City Life took Zack to a middle school summer camp at Camp Spofford, New Hampshire. Zack’s grandmother was on the trip and thought it’d be great for Zack to come too. Through continuous prayer, the second day on this trip, his grandmother received a call saying that Zack’s mother was going to receive a kidney within the next 12 hours! What an amazing answer to prayer. His mother received the kidney and is still currently in recovery, but the surgery went well. Zack’s story isn’t over but I’m sure this will be a pivotal changing point with his relationship with God, and we at City Life look forward to helping him along his journey! Please continue to pray for Zack and his family!

-Khristian Collins

*Names have been changed