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September 28, 2018
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October 12, 2018
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Meet Theresa

When working with youth, you have amazing moments and then there are the moments you dread. For a while that moment was when a young girl named Theresa would walk in to Club. One never knew what would happen when Theresa was around…she was great at causing distractions, always wanting to fight someone and would try to derail any conversation that youth and leaders would try to have.

But then one night, she was the only youth to show up for Club. At first it was met with disappointment that only one kid showed up, but then we realized it was God’s planning. Theresa had been having a really rough day at school and didn’t know how to handle the situation. We were able to speak to her about her feelings and how fighting wasn’t going to solve the problem. We prayed for her and with her, asking God to direct her path when she deals with difficult situations.

Since that night, Theresa has been amazing at Club! She asks questions, helps to quiet the group down, and she even leads our group during prayer time. Numerous times I have heard her calm herself down saying “do what God would do, don’t get angry and breathe”, truly a lesson we can all apply to our lives. I would ask that you please keep Theresa in your prayers as she navigates this world, that she will continue to turn to Christ and make the lifelong commitment to follow him.

-Amanda Paeglow

*Names have been changed