November 21, 2018
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December 7, 2018
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Meet Seneca

I want to tell you about Seneca. Before attending camp this summer, Seneca had a lot of knowledge about God, but never tried to know him personally.

She started off the week at camp very close minded and did not intend on trying any of the activities or making friends. But as the days went on Seneca began opening up more and more without even realizing it herself. She was engaging and asking questions about Jesus that were brain shakers. She even tried the ropes course, which is a powerful story in itself.

When we showed up for the cabin activity, all of the girls in our cabin decided against the ropes course without even seeing it or giving it a try. Seneca was the only one willing to go for it, even though no one else would and she was horrified of heights. So Seneca and I went onto the ropes course, it was not easy and there was a couple meltdowns, but I’m proud to say Seneca completed it; she overcame her fears and was proud of herself as well. That was an awesome moment to witness!

Seneca continued to try things and go past her limits the whole week, and by the end of the week she was beyond excited to accept Jesus into her heart and be changed forever. One of my favorite things Seneca said all week was, “Jesus died for us, so He does deserve our above and beyond instead of our bare minimum.” To hear a 12 year old come to that realization was mind boggling and I’m honored to have been able to watch Seneca get transformed by the renewal of Jesus Christ that week at camp.

-Alexis Hernandez

*Names have been changed