June 25, 2021
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July 21, 2021
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Meet Sarah

Sarah has been a part of Cohoes City Life for about two years. I have known her for about five years and during that entire time her life has been in constant chaos. When she started coming to our programs she lived in Cohoes with her dad, but within that first year she moved twenty-five minutes away to live with her mom. The first thing she told her mom when she was asked about moving was that she would move, but only if her mom still dropped her off twice a week to attend City Life. She has continued to be one of our most consistent attendees even though she lives twenty-five minutes away.

Sarah has gone through probably more hardship in her short life than I have in twenty-eight years. She has had three uncles and her best friend die all in the last three years. Then, she found out at the end of 2020 that her dad had stage four cancer and the doctors gave him a max of a year to live. Despite all of the pain that she has had to go through, she still believes that God is good and wants His best for her life.

In the last six months she started coming to church regularly, joined the tech crew and serves every Sunday. She has even gotten her dad to agree to come to Church with her. While things are nowhere near perfect in Sarah’s life, she has been an inspiration and a model of consistency to all of the people that know her.

-Tim Moore
*Names have been changed