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September 29, 2017
Meet Adam
October 10, 2017
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Meet Sam

Hi everyone, allow me to introduce to you Sam. Sam comes from a broken family; his Mom and Dad have joint custody, so he and his brother live in two different homes for a week each.

Sam’s Mom is chronically ill and Sam’s Dad has a new girlfriend that takes up, according to Sam, all of his time.

Sam’s Dad has been physically and emotionally abusive to him and his brother through the years. Each time it happens both boys are terrified, hurt and confused. After a recent incident (3 months ago) the boys had to be picked up and brought to their Mom’s due to safety concerns. Sam has not returned to his Dad’s since. He is angry and scared about both his Mom’s health and the situation with Dad. Since Sam decided not to return to Dad’s, his father chose to stop communicating with him.

Sam came with us on a recent trip to Kingdom Bound, a Christian music festival full of concerts worship and seminars etc. After a few days of hearing about Gods love for him Sam asked Arthur, one of our staff, to talk. Sam just broke down about everything but mostly his Dad. Arthur told him he should forgive his Dad. This was met with much resistance until Arthur met this kid right where he was at and shared with him how he had to forgive his dad for the worst crime imaginable, the murder of his Mom. This got Sam’s attention and they talked for a long long time.

The last day of the trip we were sharing highs and lows of our week and Sam’s high wasn’t the rides or the concerts or the speakers or the food, Sam’s high was his talk with Arthur. He said that he needs to forgive his Dad so he won’t be angry all the time. Wow!

Since that week Sam has been in touch with his Dad a bit via text and is continuing to work on total forgiveness and restoration.

Please pray with me for Sam and also his Dad that he come to know the forgiving grace of Christ and that they can grow together

-Cherie Vedder

*Names have been changed