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July 9, 2021
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July 30, 2021
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Meet Sam

Sam is an exceptional kid who is incredibly smart and has lots of questions. His desire is to one day be a doctor. He has grown up in a Christian home and has gone to church his whole life. This year he joined our YFC Core ministry in Greenville. As we started discussing what our faith means to us and how we look to God through scripture to find our answers, Sam was all in. Our first goal is to go deep in our faith so that we can share it with our friends that don’t know Jesus. Our second goal is to learn how to love our friends better, which gives us a relationship open enough to share the truth about God.

Our meetings covered different topics that most students struggle with or need help with. Sam was quick to share the different conversations with friends at school that had popped up since our YFC Core meetings began. As we read helpful books and articles, he eagerly looked for specific information that would help in his conversations.

As school ends and summer begins, Sam is looking forward to inviting friends to events geared to opening opportunities for fun and more conversations about faith, God and the Bible. YFC Core has encouraged Sam to grow all year in his love of God and his love for his friends who don’t yet know God.  Please continue to pray for students like Sam who are growing in their walk and witness.

-Sherri Hvizdak
*Names have been changed