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February 14, 2020
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March 13, 2020
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Meet Sally

Youth For Christ is committed to developing authentic, Christ-sharing relationships. Sometimes it takes literal years of loving and investing in a student to see the results of God moving in their life.

Sally has been coming to Campus Life Club on and off since 7th grade. She always had lots of questions about God, heaven, hell, and suffering. As she joined us on trips, I got to meet her family and realized what rejection and suffering she was going through. Many times, she prayed prayers or asked for prayer out of sheer desperation to soothe or stop the pain she was in—-but always falling short of true surrender and faith in Jesus.

Recently, Sally opened up about how rejected and unloved she felt. She absolutely could not believe that anyone, let alone God, could love her. Jesus dying for her seemed ridiculous because she didn’t even love herself. She shared about how condemned she felt by all the bad things she had done. She told me she was afraid to trust. Everything she had tried in the past had always failed and disappointed her—why would God be any different? She told me she felt like she was walking on uneven ground that seemed to constantly tremor and quake with instability.

Again, I refuted the lies of the enemy, and again I shared the truth of what and why Jesus had done what he did FOR HER. This is the same truth I had been sharing with her over the past six years. It poured out again as we talked for over an hour—again. 

But this time was different. This time Sally didn’t walk away empty handed and a broken hearted, bound up in lies. This time she decided to open the door that Jesus was knocking on just a crack. This time she told him she was sorry for putting him on the cross with her sin. She declared that she knew she was made in God’s image but pleaded with Jesus to show her how to accept that and even to love and forgive herself. She was honest with God about her lack of faith and understanding but surrendered to him anyway.

As she prayed (for quite a while), I tried to hold it together. I was overcome by how good God was to save us and to let me be involved in this young girl’s life for all these years. Seeing the fruit of the labor of loving and investing was so worth all the late nights and long trips, the many conversations that never seemed to convince. She was a new creation right then and there. This is why we do what we do at YFC. Countless youth need Jesus. We keep sharing and loving until God breaks through. Sally is worth is to him, which makes her worth it to us.

-Sherri Hvizdak
*Names have been changed