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December 29, 2017
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January 11, 2018
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Meet Robert

Being the City Life Director at Schenectady City Life can definitely come with its challenges. Beyond the music, group settings, games and laughter often there are stories that touch your heart when you sit down and have one on one times with students.

One student in particular is Robert. Robert is such a humorous, creative person who has a hunger for drawing and music and is filled with so much personality; he’s clearly set apart from the rest of the kids in his group. He has touched our hearts over the years, but within the last year or so, Robert has begun to trust our team and some of the volunteers with what is truly going on under the surface.

This summer Robert went with our City Life team to a Christian music festival called Kingdom Bound in western New York. It was while there that he had a very deep conversation with one of our staff, Arthur. He shared with no walls and complete trust in Arthur. Robert confessed that he has been suffering with depression and is often ruled by his emotions. He mentioned that the root to his pain stemmed from his father who abandoned him while he was a child. Emptiness, bitterness, suicidal thoughts, and beliefs of inadequacies were some of the challenges that Robert mentioned he suffered from due to his father’s actions. Arthur was there for him, and was able to sow seeds of Christ’s love in him. He shared with Robert that God is willing to redeem his life and make things new despite the hand he was dealt.

Here at Youth For Christ we strive for moments like these, where our leaders and volunteers invest and build relationships with students so that we can be real and vulnerable about life and it’s struggles. We ask that you would pray for our staff and volunteers as we engage and invest in the youth and their hardships. I also ask that you would lift Robert up in prayer and ask the Lord for immediate deliverance, emotional strength and that he would walk out his faith in Jesus Christ.

-Khristian Collins

*Names have been changed