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November 2, 2018
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November 15, 2018
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Meet Morgan

I want to tell you about Morgan.  Morgan came to one of our summer events and was invited by one of our kids who attends Club regularly. We were doing a ropes course that night. Ropes courses can be intense, and it takes a lot of trust and strength to complete. She showed up, not really knowing anyone, except her one friend who she came with. In my opinion, that takes a lot of guts to even show up to a ropes course not knowing the group at all.

When she arrived, she was really shy and reserved, but as the night went on and everyone got to know each other she just started opening up and became one of the leading kids of the night. It was so cool to watch this young girl be welcomed in and feel the love of the group causing her to become comfortable and she ended up being so encouraging to the rest of the kids who were having a hard time on the course.

At one point during the event, when Morgan was on the highest part of the ropes course and was completely scared of crossing, she looked below her to another kid crying and freaking out because they were so scared and wanted to quit, and she stopped in the middle of her fear to encourage that student and help them out with her support. It was so beautiful to witness. By the end of the night, Morgan seemed at home and was one with the kids as if she had been coming to Club her entire life. It was truly awesome and heart capturing to watch. I ask that you pray for Morgan and her future in continuing a relationship with us and seeing more of what God has to offer her.

-Alexis Hernandez

*Names have been changed