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June 26, 2020
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July 24, 2020
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Meet Mike

During these trying and strange times, hopefully your day will be brightened by being virtually introduced to Mike. Mike is a student in the Schenectady City Life program that quite frankly just makes everything better. He can sometimes be a little shy but will usually liven up relatively quickly. I cannot remember a time where I’ve seen this kid angry or mad, he is always smiling and laughing, and just brings a positive energy wherever he is. Mike is very funny and enjoys life! I wish you could all meet Mike, although I’m sure that would be a time where he would be nervous and shy.
Mike has been coming to Schenectady City Life programming for the past 4 years. He started off in our elementary program, “City Life Club”, and is currently in our middle school and high school program, “Jumpoff”. He has been on every trip/retreat that his age has allowed him to be on and it’s a rarity that he is not at our weekly programming. A really cool thing about Mike is also that he has not missed any of our virtual programs since the beginning of Covid-19. We play video games online, have zoom meetings, and play virtual jeopardy on a weekly basis and we can always count on Mike being there!
Mike has heard many Bible messages and has a good understanding of it for his age, his family also attends church. As you can imagine, being an 8th grade boy in 2020 is extremely tough. He has his questions about God and the Bible just like anyone would, but has a difficult time speaking up around his peers for fear of being picked on or made fun of. It’s something that we are working on at City Life with Mike. Please pray and uplift Mike for courage, strength, and guidance! Thank you.

-Khristian Collins
*Names have been changed