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December 21, 2018
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January 10, 2019
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Meet Mandy

One of our students, Mandy, came to our high school conference in Wildwood N.J. in deep pain. Last school year, when she was a junior, she got pregnant. Mandy was ecstatic because she had been told all her teenage life that she would never be able to have children because of some complicated health issues. A few weeks after she found out, she had a miscarriage and she was devastated.

One day in Wildwood while the other girls were off doing something else, I invited Mandy to sit with me and talk. She shared again about how sad she is, about the shame she feels for getting pregnant in the first place, how she doesn’t see the point of anything anymore and the deep guilt she feels over the loss of her baby. As I held her in my arms she just sobbed and I said over and over it was not her fault.

This poor girl was walking around on a daily basis feeling grief, shame, guilt and condemnation and it was a heavy burden to bear. As we continued to talk I assured her that the grief is real and the pain will become lighter as time goes on and I implored her to give the rest to Jesus. I told her that there is no condemnation for those in Christ (she has given her life to the Lord), and that the guilt she feels is false and not of God.

As the week went on I watched her become lighter and more engaged with her peers. When I checked in with her everyday she said the pain, shame and guilt had become bearable but not gone. She said she had been talking to God about it for the first time since it happened and that helped.

Our God is so powerful that as most of our students responded to the Gospel at the end of the week Mandy was right up there with them, not for herself, but to minister and comfort her friends even in the midst of her pain. What a beautiful snapshot of her journey with God!!! So much healing began to take place that week, but there have been some backslides too, Mandy’s story is still unfolding and I ask for your prayers for her as she journeys on.

-Cherie Vedder

*Names have been changed