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Meet Kara

This past summer, at our Edge Cup event, one of our students brought a friend, Kara. I noticed right away that Kara was going to sit on the sidelines and not participate in any of the events that day. I asked her why and she said because she didn’t have any sneakers, in fact the only shoes she owned were the worn sandals on her feet.

As I was cheering our team on in one of the events, I noticed Kara off by herself just kicking up rocks in the parking lot, so I invited her to come sit in the shade with me for awhile and talk.

She was very open with her story and told me how she had lived with her Dad (when he wasn’t in jail) and her stepmom until things got really bad and she ran away about a year ago.

Her Mom had been out of the picture for most of her childhood because she was a drug addict and prostitute who also was in jail a lot. After running away, it was decided that she should go live with her Mom who had been clean and sober for a while. Kara went on to tell me that it was not a healthy place to live, sleeping on the floor, bedbugs, not being taken to her appointments and verbal abuse, not only to her, but her younger autistic sibling.

One night she came home to find the door locked and was told she could not come back. Her Mom still refuses to let her back in even to get her clothes so she is currently living with a friend.

She told me how her friend is a Christian, but she doesn’t believe in anything because she’s confused. Her Mom told her that she was a Christian and Kara doesn’t know how to process that; how could that even be possible she asked?

The next week City Life focused on the practical things. Shoes, decent sandals and clothes, but the door has been flung wide open to help this young lady learn about the all encompassing, never ending faithful love of God and what Jesus did for her because of that Love.

Please pray that as we have these conversations with her, that God will move in her and she too will become a Christ follower.

-Cherie Vedder

*Names have been changed