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August 22, 2019
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August 27, 2019
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Meet Julie

Julie attends Campus Life M in Cambridge. She has been coming to Club since the end of last year. She is a pre-teen girl who loves to be the center of attention and is the life of the party. Julie is a very talented actress and has been in several local plays. She has a loving family who is there for her and from the outside looking in, she seems to have it all together. Once we got to know her, she began to open up to us about her life. Julie struggles with feeling unloved and feels like she was never good enough for her family or peers. She feels like she has always had to prove herself and earn people’s love and respect.

Week after week, Julie keeps coming back and has learned a lot from the Campus Life lessons; about how God created her to be unique and how she is loved just as she is. We talked about how we are all different pieces of God’s puzzle and we all work together as His children and serve a purpose in His entire puzzle. During an all-night retreat in Glens Falls, NY, Julie got a deeper understanding of God’s plan and that she was part of His puzzle from the very beginning when she was created. While on this retreat, Julie accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior. Julie still comes back every week and is learning more about her identity in Christ and that she is loved. We have seen tremendous growth in this young girl’s life!

-Scott Foyle
*Names have been changed