March 26, 2021
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April 23, 2021
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Meet Jackson

I would like to introduce you to Jackson, a teenager who started coming to Schenectady City Life this school year. Jackson’s home life is not the greatest. He lives in a rough neighborhood and has three younger siblings that he has to babysit a lot of times. He is also doing school virtually this year and his siblings do not have their own Chromebook, so they are forced to share which limits how much online schooling he and his siblings are able to participate in. Jackson occasionally goes to church, but I do not believe he is a Christian. He has some “beginner’s” knowledge about Jesus and the Bible and is genuinely interested, but I believe that his circumstances are holding him back and not allowing him to fully jump in and commit to a relationship with Jesus.

Jackson has not missed any City Life programs since he started coming in October. He is always joyful and brings a smile to the leaders faces. He participates in discussions and also gets students together and leads different games on his own. Jackson loves to play football, both in real life and in video games. He has participated in all of our online activities that we have scheduled, which is usually group video games or virtual Jeopardy. He is developing relationships with multiple leaders and our goal is to continue to invest in Jackson and trust that Jesus will bring him into a loving relationship with the Lord. Please continue to pray for the Schenectady City Life ministry and specifically for Jackson and his family. Pray that they may all have a relationship with Jesus! Thank you.

-Khristian Collins
*Names have been changed