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March 23, 2018
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April 12, 2018
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Meet Henry

One thing that I love doing in my free time between school and work is playing basketball. My church has given us access to our gym to run a basketball ministry and just to come freely to play. It’s a game of great competition where you can get your mind off life, build relationships and have a good time. It’s obvious when you have Christ in your life that He will gladly use you wherever you work, play, and learn.

Throughout the years whenever I would get together with my close friends to play, this young boy named Henry would show up every time. It’s like he could hear from the down the street whenever the ball touched the floor because shortly after we stretched he would show up. Through showing up unexpectedly, I got to know him more and more as we played. Beyond the fact that Henry is super athletic and enjoys sports, he loves playing the saxophone and is a part of his school band, but most importantly he’s a believer in Jesus Christ.

Over the past couple months, our relationship has grown to the point where now he’s attends our weekly basketball ministry at my church which is called Greater Things Basketball. Outside of our church events we also hang out with our City Life team at our weekly outreach program and every Saturday at our City Life Center where he has shown an eagerness to learn how to paint, cook, work out and even try to destroy us leaders in video games. It’s times like these where I’m thankful to GOD for using me for a greater purpose. Please lift up Henry in prayer so that his faith will be well rooted and becomes an amazing witness for the LORD.

-Arthur Fennicks

*Names have been changed