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April 25, 2020
May 22, 2020
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Meet Hannah

I want to tell you about Hannah. Hannah is very new to Campus Life, she has only been with us for a couple of months now. She is an absolute sweetheart. Hannah is so smart, sensitive, caring, and thoughtful with everyone she comes into contact with.

In the middle of her joining Campus Life, she was able to attend one of our weekend retreats and I really got to see her shine through her bubbly personality, loving spirit, and gracious leadership among the other students. Hannah is a natural born leader and has such an influence among the other students just by how she loves others. She does not have a relationship with Jesus, but I personally was able to push deeper into authentic Christ-sharing relationship with her.

Hannah and I were able to engage in a consistent free-flowing and natural dialogue about the Bible and who Jesus Christ is, and what it looks like to follow Him with the pressures of being a teenager surrounded by societal expectations. She was so honest with me about how she believes in God but struggles with the relational part of following Jesus and she doesn’t know how she can build her faith in that direction. Her honesty was encouraging. I ask for prayer over Hannah’s life. That she would get a better understanding of what it looks like to really commit to and follow Jesus and that her faith would continue to get strengthened and built as God places adults in her life to help her along in this journey of life.

-Alexis Hernandez
*Names have been changed