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March 24, 2020
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April 25, 2020
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Meet Emily

I have known Emily for over two years now. When I first met her, she lived at Manor Sites and she was always outside, even in the middle of winter. If it was warm outside, you could find her riding her bike or scooter around the entire complex for hours, but in the cold she would still find a way to get outside and be active. I didn’t know much about her and every time I tried to get her to come to City Life she would act shy and say that she couldn’t for whatever reason. Finally, after a year of trying, I convinced her to come to a holiday party that we were having at our office building.
Fast forward about four months and Emily has not missed anything City Life related! She lived with her dad at Manor Sites, but things were not great at home so she moved about 25 minutes away to live with her mom. When her mom was trying to get her to move in with her, she told her that she would only move in with her if her mom still dropped her off at City Life twice a week. A couple of weeks after Emily moved, tensions were high in the family because her dad wanted her to move back in with him, but Emily still wanted to live with her mom. One night while we were having City Life, the cops were called and Emily was a wreck because she was worried about her mom getting hurt. We were able to calm her down and get her involved in helping in the kitchen handing out forks for dinner, which she wants to do every night we’re there. By the end of the night she was back to her happy self.
The coolest part of Emily’s story, to me, is that she started coming to church with us. After she had been a few times I gave her a copy of “The Action Bible” and she read through the New Testament in two days! She continues to grow closer and seek after God even in the midst of her family’s turmoil, which just shows how powerful His love really is.

-Tim Moore
*Names have been changed