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February 12, 2021
March 26, 2021
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Meet Ellie

Ellie had a semester of ups and downs at school, being mostly uneventful but not always the best.  School for Ellie has been extremely stressful, especially dealing with strange schedules due to COVID-19.  She goes into school twice a week and attends 3 days of virtual school. Her teachers are constantly assigning large amounts of work that need to be done. This year she has had a lot of boy drama that has also caused drama with her friends, which in turn has caused her quite a bit of anxiety.

Thankfully I have been able to be here for Ellie and offer her advice and give her someone to vent to when she’s needed to let out some steam. I have been able to pray for her and offer her spiritual advice on how to best handle and navigate these situations. She tends to be a peacekeeper, so she would do whatever it took to keep everyone happy. Ellie would avoid fights and disagreements at all costs, often at her own expense. This provided me a great opportunity to be able to speak into her life a little bit, encouraging her to not always sacrifice what she wants just to make those around her happy, as we are unable to please everyone and by trying to please everyone we may end up pleasing no one. 

I am always grateful for opportunities such as these to be able to share little pieces of the Gospel with Ellie, as each conversation provides chances to teach her more about God.

-Colin McCabe
*Names have been changed