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September 14, 2018
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September 28, 2018
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Meet Derek

I would like for all of you to meet Derek. Derek is a high school student that is usually hit or miss in regards to showing up for Schenectady City Life programs. Even though this is the case, he has a special place in our hearts.

Derek has had a pretty rough childhood. His father is an alcoholic and his mom is a drug addict. His family has had to move numerous times due to eviction notices being given to the parents. In fact, sometimes the family has had to stay in hotels (through assistance) for multiple time periods because they had nowhere else to go. Derek would hardly ever go to school and would usually just hang out with friends. On top of all of this, his parents recently separated and now he stays with friends at their houses.

Through all of this, Derek, when he shows up, always has a smile on his face and always seems to be in a good mood. Derek is not a believer, but we continue to pray for him that he comes to know Jesus and continue to love him no matter what. Please join us in praying for Derek!

-Khristian Collins

*Names have been changed