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July 21, 2017
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August 4, 2017
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Meet David

Hi, my name is David and I’d like to tell you some of my story. I am seventeen, an athlete, and I like to draw and sing.

There was a time, not long ago that I sat in my bed and cried every night. I was depressed and very sad and knew deep down I was missing something. It was like there was a big hole in me.

Then, I found City Life. I thought it was just a place for basketball and dogeball but listening to the spillage every week got my attention. They talked about the Word of God and sin and people in the Bible that I could relate to and it was good, but, what really hit me was when one of the leaders looked me in the eyes and told me that God loved me. I believed them.

That night I went home and as I was falling asleep I felt a presence with me and it was calming and good. I kept going back to City Life and eventually I went on a trip to Wildwood NJ. YFC put on a conference for kids there and I was changed forever. I accepted Christ and now I stand tall, well im short though but my light stands tall and that hole in me feels full.

I thank God the Father every night for raising me up and I cry less and less, thank you Father, thanks for being a Dad.