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July 28, 2017
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August 11, 2017
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Meet Charlie

Charlie is not what you’d expect him to be just by looking at him. The first time you meet him he presents himself as a shy and quiet kid. The second time you are around him, a little less so, and the third time you spend time with him he will be one of the most active and probably the loudest kid in the room.

Charlie lives in a household where it is just him and his mom. His older sister is away at college and his dad moved back to China years ago to work and support the family. They travel back and forth to see his dad at least twice a year, but you can tell that it has affected him being without his dad for the better part of two years.  For the most part he is well behaved and mild mannered, but he occasionally gets suddenly angry or upset with situations around him.

Charlie started coming to Clifton Park Campus Life and started inviting all of his friends too. After a couple months of attending Campus Life, he started attending a Bible study that was run by John McArdle, a YFC staff member.  After one of the Bible studies was over, Charlie’s mom came over to John and asked if she could tell him something. She proceeded to tell John that Charlie’s behavior had totally changed at home. She said that he had stopped having as many outbursts and really enjoyed learning more about God in the scriptures they had been studying. Charlie will continue attending a bible study and can be a huge impact on his friend group. He is always the first person to invite his friends to an event and he uses his personality to lead others towards Jesus.

*Names have been changed