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November 30, 2018
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December 14, 2018
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Meet Cadence

When you walk into Club or any large group event for CDYFC, most likely you will find sitting in a corner somewhere quiet, reading a book or on her phone a young girl named Cadence. At first Cadence is quiet and shy, she doesn’t leave her house very often, only to come to Club and special events, because she doesn’t live in a safe community. But pull out a deck of Uno cards and this girl lights up. Over the summer, Cadence had the chance to join us at YFC summer camp. Over hundreds of games of Uno, I was able to get to know the quiet shy girl, her hopes and dreams and how happy she was to break away from her community and make “good friends”. I can’t remember what number Uno game it was, but our conversation turned to Jesus. Cadence said she knew a little about him but didn’t think much of who he was and how it would help her to know him. We continued our conversation about Jesus throughout our entire week. I watched this shy girl who was afraid to try anything new, make new friends and try new experiences and at the end of the week, she was one of the many kids who stood up and shouted “YES” to Jesus that week. After we got home Cadence wrote this note to me. “Camp made me realize that God is actually here and that he actually cares. Before I went I never really prayed but now I pray almost every day, so camp really means a lot to me because it helped me through a lot.”

We don’t know when or how the conversation will start about Jesus, for Cadence it was over a game of Uno, but we are so thankful for her life and the commitment she made to Jesus over the summer. Please pray for Cadence as she begins this new journey of following Christ.

-Amanda Paeglow

*Names have been changed