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February 1, 2018
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February 15, 2018
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Meet Bryan

Bryan started coming to our weekly club just a couple months before last summer. At first he was quiet. He would come in, say hello to myself and the volunteers and then go to one of the corners of the gym and shoot hoops by himself. Throughout the night he would get gradually more outgoing and by the end of the night would be the loudest, most excited kid in the gym.

As Bryan became more comfortable with me, he started to open up and tell me a little bit about himself. Bryan came up to me near the end of one of our clubs and asked if he could talk to me about something. We sat on one of the couches and he proceeded to tell me about the time that he had lost his faith in Jesus. He told me that he had been in a tough position a year prior and didn’t feel like God had answered his prayers, so he stopped believing that there was a God. He proceed to tell me how over the last few months he had come back to his faith and had tried to find somewhere that he could be involved and learn more about God. He found that at Campus Life.

By no means do I think that Bryan has everything figured out, but I am glad that he started coming to club. He is always the first person to talk about what he’s going through and I’m glad he started coming here to talk to us about those things.

-Tim Moore

*Names have been changed