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October 16, 2020
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October 30, 2020
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Meet Alex

Alex is a student who was only able to attend Campus Life ministry for a brief period of time.  He came to America to stay with family coming in from Central America and he ended up staying for much longer than he had originally intended. Alex arrived before the Covid-19 pandemic began to take hold across the globe, and as such he was not able to return when he had originally planned. This gave Alex the opportunity to attend our Campus Life ministry for some time, as the family he was staying with attended Clifton Park Campus Life and Alex began to tag along. 

Alex was able to go on our paddle boarding trip which he had never gotten to do before, and it was so exciting to see his face light up with joy with all the new things he was able to experience here. Even without paddle boarding before, Alex managed to beat myself, the other leaders, and every other kid in the paddle board race that we had. He saw everything around him, and he tried to absorb everything he could from his experience. 

Sadly, Alex recently had to leave to return home for school, though he is excited about the idea of returning again sometime in the future. The future has a lot in store for Alex and I am excited to be able to see everything that God will have done in his life once he is able to return. Things are certainly going to be a bit tougher for him returning home, so please be praying for Alex for God to lift him up and continue to reveal himself in awesome ways in Alex’s life.

-Colin McCabe
*Names have been changed