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January 24, 2020
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February 28, 2020
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Meet Al

Allow me to introduce you to one of our newest kids that have come out this 2019-2020 year. Meet Albert. He is known to all of us as just “Al”. When Al enters the room you know it. He is a blast to be around and brings instant energy to the group. He is a fun loving individual with a soft heart and always makes you laugh and loves to be the center of attention.

We first met Al at Kids Camp in Cambridge last summer. My team shared about God throughout the week in a series called investigating God where we looked into who God was and why we should believe. Al had never heard about God before and seemed lost. He kept coming back each night and we told him about Campus Life in the fall.

We came to find out the Al knew about Campus Life, but knew we prayed at the end of Club and did not want to come because of that. We challenged him to come out and he came out the first week. The second week he asked for prayer and has asked for prayer almost every week since!

Recently, Al excitedly joined us on an overnight event and he was able to hear the gospel message for the first time. Al has come a long way, but please join with us in praying for him that he would make a decision about his faith.

-Scot Foyle
*Names have been changed