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August 24, 2018
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September 7, 2018
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Meet Abby

Abby bursts into the room week after week, loud and a little obnoxious. She throws her stuff down and digs some money out of her backpack, so she can walk across the street with her friends and get a snack at Cumbies. In a few minutes she returns, and we begin our attempt at running club.

Abby is a lot like other students—always on her phone (unless it’s taken away), interrupting with irrelevant tangents (especially when we touch on anything serious), and generally there for the fun and games. She doesn’t always follow the rules or listen closely, but she will surprise you with a statement showing she really was paying attention.

Abby is the kind of student we are looking for. She doesn’t even know and recognize why she is so needy. In her immaturity she sees everything as an attack on herself. She is always looking for the next fun thing or something to occupy her mind. Anything is better than thinking about the serious things in life, like her purpose or what she believes.

But she keeps coming. We keep engaging with her and showing her we care. We keep laughing with her and listening to her. Most importantly, we keep sharing the truth about life and its purpose through the words of the Bible. We keep sharing about the reality of who Jesus is, and how he offers us real life, beyond what she can imagine right now.

Through your prayers and support, kids like Abby are being connected with, loved, and taught the truth without ever entering the doors of a church. We are going to them and offering the acceptance and friendship they crave. Thank you for your part in making an eternal impact on this generation of young people.

-Sherri Hvizdak

*Names have been changed