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July 21, 2021
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August 13, 2021
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Loving Eyes of Jesus

I recently had the privilege of visiting our Cohoes City Life ministry. I volunteered to help drive kids from the local housing project to the church where we hold our weekly City Life Club. I was overjoyed when I arrived, and kids came running out of their homes to hop in a car and go to Club.

As we arrived, the kids in my car couldn’t contain their excitement. They couldn’t wait to play games and have fun. Shortly into our first game, one of the girls got upset at one of the boys because he was being “annoying.” Her joyful attitude quickly turned as she began to complain and get angry. It was in the moments after that that really spoke to me.

As this young lady was getting more irritated and irrational, one of the leaders walked up to her and just started to listen. I watched as this kid was getting more and more angry this leader seemed to get more and more patient. He spoke to her with a humble gentleness that quickly deescalated the situation. I have no idea what he said to her that night, but I could hear and see by his tone and his eyes, the heart with which he said it. When I saw this leader talking to this young lady, I saw Jesus.

There is a passage in Mark when the rich young man speaks to Jesus and the writer tells us about Jesus’ heart. The passage says that “Jesus looked at him and loved him.” I’ve often wondered what it will be like to look into the loving eyes of Jesus, and I think I got a glimpse of it that night. I believe that when this young lady looked into her leader’s eyes, she saw love, she saw kindness, and I believe she saw compassion. I also believe whether she realized it or not, she saw Jesus. That is the kind of Christ follower we are called to be. We are to be the hands, the feet, and the eyes of Jesus. I believe that as we strive to be those things, the people in our lives who don’t know Him will soon see Jesus.

-Andy Lightcap