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December 9, 2021
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February 16, 2022
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Jane’s Miracle

Amidst the beginning of the school year, I have seen a wide variety of things happening in the kids’ lives.  I have heard of both good things and bad things, but today I want to tell you about the miracle that happened in Jane’s life.

Jane’s dad works in the military and as such she has had to move all over depending on where he was stationed. This past year he was deployed in the Spring and returned in the Fall. Jane was incredibly happy when he returned, but when he got back it was different then how it was when he normally returns home. He was irritable, distant and to a degree was a shell of his former self.  Then one day he texted Jane that he was going away for a little bit and told her to take care of her sister. Jane was freaking and out told me about what was happening, and for the next few days all of us at CDYFC prayed for her and her family.

Jane’s dad has had a history of suicidal thoughts and she was terrified that he might do something horrible, but his phone was off and they had no way of contacting him. The next week Jane told me that her dad contacted them and was back home, and she told me that what happened could only be interpreted as a miracle. Her fears were correct, her dad was planning on attempting to take his own life. He was about to start when he got a phone call, a phone call from Wounded Warriors.

Wounded Warriors will randomly check in on those who return from deployment, a large reason being because suicide rates are so high among those serving in the military. He had not heard from them in over 5 months and they out of the blue decided to call at the exact moment that he was attempting to take his life. They were able to talk him through what was happening and were able to save his life.

God worked a miracle through the Wounded Warriors, there is no other explanation. Something timed to that degree is no mere coincidence, and without that miracle Jane’s life and the life of her whole family would have been drastically changed. Keep Jane and her family in your prayers as they walk this road.

-Colin McCabe
*Names have been changed