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October 27, 2017
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November 9, 2017
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“I’ve never experienced anything like that!”

As last school year came to a close, one senior, Tim, thanked the volunteers at our final YFC club, “thank you guys for everything…it meant a lot.” Tim has never been to a camp, conference, or event besides the church his aunt attends, but came to Club often his senior year.

This past summer we were in the car with a few kids on the way to cheer on a lacrosse game. I asked Tim how he was and what he had been up to, as I hadn’t seen him at many events this summer. He said to me, “To be honest, kind of a dark place…I ran into Scott (one of our volunteers) at Stewart’s and I just wanted to tell him everything.” I asked him if he wanted to talk about it. He replied with, “I don’t know…I think a guy might be better.” So I told him that I bet Scott would love to take him out for a burger and chat. Tim agreed that talking with Scott sounded good.

Two days later I sent out a reminder about an area hang out night some youth leaders from the area were putting on; volleyball, a bonfire, worship and fellowship – a simple night to show high schoolers we care and share how Jesus transforms lives. Tim had work off and decided to come.

That night, after playing games, snacks, and gathering around the fire, one leader shared his story and the hope of Christ. I looked behind me to see Tim, on his knees being prayed for by a kid he had just met from a town away. On the drive home he said “Jackie, thank you for bringing me, I’ve never experienced anything like that! That was really cool, we should do this more.”

That following week he arranged to meet with Scott. Tim’s story isn’t finished. It’s just begun. Its simple car conversations and experiences that allow us to step into the lives of lost high schoolers to remind them that someone cares about them, to point them to a God who deeply loves them and wants to bring light to their darkness.

-Jackie Nemec

*Names have been changed