An Unforgettable Summer
September 15, 2017
“But, how is the Edge a ministry?”
September 29, 2017
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“It’s not the same…”

A couple years ago, when I began the soccer ministry in association with CDYFC and the Edge Halfmoon, a relationship sparked between myself and a student named Phillip who had been on the climbing team. He began coming to soccer each Sunday when we met and that relationship continued to benefit from spending time with him. Phillip is a particularly intelligent student and he gravitated towards learning about the philosophical aspects of Christianity. During the past couple of years, these conversations are ones that would periodically come up as we would spend time together.

A lot of the time I would spend with Phillip would be either during soccer or we would often take trips with other students climbing outside. These conversations would come up naturally and would often lead to how Christ can impact not only philosophy, but his life personally. I cannot say that Phillip has accepted Christ as his personal Savior yet, but the seed has been planted.

This past school year Phillip graduated from high school. Just before he left for school we were able to go outside climbing together one last time. It was a great trip where we got to talk about what he can expect from college and what he should take with him. One of the coolest takeaways was when he mentioned how much he would miss soccer on Sunday. We highlighted that there will be intramurals at school, but the impact came when he told us that “it’s not the same.” He went on to explain how different the people are on Sundays at Soccer. The impact that Phillip felt was not only from climbing or playing soccer, but it was from the relationships that Christ-loving adults built with him, and the example that they were before him. While he is away at college I will continue to pray that our conversations impact him and that one day he can say he has accepted Christ.

-DeWayne Moore

*Names have been changed