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Indigenous Leaders

City Life is a relational holistic community-based ministry within Youth For Christ that desires to see great change and impact in teens in our urban neighborhoods. Our hope is to not only see transformation and new birth of faith in Jesus Christ but also, we strive to raise up indigenous leaders to revolutionize where they are in the community.

Sometimes people come into your life and just instantly touch your hearts and fill you up with joy, Ann is that person to our team. A few years ago, we met this young girl named Ann. Ann was an awkward shy little girl who loved to sing and play video games who absolutely fell in love with our team and our program. Over the years we were blessed to be a part of her transformation from the awkward child she was to the gifted and social teenager that she is today. Ann has just recently turned 17 years old and is planning on attending community college to do her pre-requisites and then transfer to a university to do fine arts with the hope to become an actress someday.

Ann has also mentioned that she has a desire to come onto our City Life team as a volunteer in the fall after she graduates, to do what we do best, love kids and impact lives.

Youth For Christ’s mission is to reach young people everywhere, working together with local churches and like-minded partners to raise up lifelong followers of Jesus Christ. Please pray for our team so that we can lead and mold more students like Ann to become indigenous leaders who will take a responsibility in the great commission in our communities and to be a light in a dark place.

-Arthur Fennicks
*Names have been changed