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“I have lots of Questions”

This fall a girl named Carrie started coming to hang outs with her friends who had been involved in Campus Life last year. Carrie grew up in a “confused” (as she would describe it) household, with a Buddhist dad and Catholic mom. She just knew she liked hanging out with nice people, which is what drew her to Campus Life bonfires, Panera runs after school, and other events or random hang outs.

One day her friends mentioned to her that they wanted to start a Bible study after school and asked her if she wanted to join. Hesitantly she said yeah she would be interested, but warned them she knew little about the Bible, wasn’t even sure she believed in “that stuff,” and that she would have to ask her parents.

The next day I received a text from Carrie, “Hi Jackie, I’m interested in coming to the Bible study, but I have a lot of questions. Before it starts could we meet up so I could ask you them myself?” My answer was absolutely. We met a few days later and she had a sheet of paper filled out with her questions about “Religion.” We went through her questions and at the end of the meeting I handed her a Bible with some passages to read, and a pack of sticky notes asking her to write down, underline, and mark anything she did not understand or had a question about.

The next week, she came to our meeting with her Bible filled with sticky notes and ready with questions. Her questions were deep, and then some simple, but she was engaged, and at the end she asked, “Okay, what should I read for next week?” Since then we’ve continued to meet, and she’s attended Bible study with her classmates.

Please pray for Carrie, that Jesus would meet her in scripture and ultimately bring her to a saving knowledge in Christ. Pray also that her hunger and curiosity would spur on the believers around her and intrigue her peers around her. Her journey is one that has just begun and I pray it is one that ends in Glory.

-Jackie Nemec

Names have been changed