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May 31, 2019
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June 28, 2019
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Greater Commitment

As the school year winds down, so does our Recreational Climbing Team season. We have had a fun year, learning and improving our skills, and now is about the time the ambitious students are asking about their potential of making the Competition Team. Those looking to advance may be in for a bit of a shock at the differing levels of commitment between the two teams. There is also a stark contrast in the level of honesty and responsibility required to get the most out of the training for competitive climbing.

There are several team members who have shown interest in moving up to the next level in the fall. One particular student has been on the team for three years or so. Callie is quite talented, has the natural movement necessary to be a decent climber and has excellent control of her limbs. Callie will usually shoot right up what most of the other team members struggle on. I would say, talent-wise, she is the best candidate for the Competition Team. However, it’s the intangibles that worry me for her. Though she is committed to be at every practice, Callie will need to learn to commit to trying hard on every climb, even the ones she doesn’t like. Though I trust Callie to be honest with me and her teammates, I fear that she is having trouble being honest with herself. As she comes down from a climb, she will joyfully tell me that she “did” the climb, however, having observed her from a distance, I know that she allowed the rope to give her assistance several times and in a competition would be called down for even one assist.

From what I can ascertain, Callie has a nice home life. She is one of the few that attends a church youth group. However, as I do for many young church goers, I fear that the commitment to be a follower of Christ is still a struggle to engage in. This world and it’s myriad of options (some healthy, some not so healthy) are just so enticing. The desire to fit in leads many to hide their faith or place it on the back burner, fearing that it may hinder their social life.

Please join me in praying that Callie is able to be honest with herself about her level of commitment to following our Lord and Savior. She is bubbly and popular and has the potential to assist many in finding their way toward Christ. Now is her time to step into the responsibility that God calls us to; “Go unto all the world and make disciples.”

-Adam Catalano
*Names have been changed