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October 12, 2018
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Seth has not had an easy life. He lives with his mom and three younger siblings in the government assisted housing in Cohoes. He worries about getting bullied at school and sometimes thinks that people don’t like him. What I see that he can’t see, is that he has one of the biggest and gentlest hearts of anyone I have ever met. He never hesitates to pick someone else up when they’re down, but on the flipside, he can be very hard on himself.

Seth came with us to our middle school retreat over the winter. While we were there, I found out that Seth had a conversation with someone that probably wasn’t appropriate under the circumstances. I ended up pulling him off to the side that weekend and having a talk with him about why what happened wasn’t okay. He was very emotional and apologetic, and I remember the biggest reason that he was upset was because he felt like he had let God down. I was so proud of him, even though he had made a mistake, because I knew that the situation had made him a better person and, in the end, had pointed him more towards Christ.

As we were driving home from the retreat, Seth started talking about it again and told me that he wanted to apologize again for what had happened. When I dropped him off at his house, I remember thinking that he might not remember all the details from this trip, but I know he will never forget how proud I was of him for acknowledging he was wrong and asking for forgiveness for it.

-Tim Moore

*Names have been changed