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April 6, 2018
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Favorite Verses

A young man named Derek has been attending our Albany City Life Club. This past year we were able to pray with him for his sister when she was hurt and had to go to the hospital, which opened up a doorway for great conversations about God and I was also able to give him a Bible; which he has been reading ever since.

One night down at the Dream Club (we partner with the Dream Club located at Reigning Life Family Church), another young man, Hakeem, picked up a Bible we had sitting at the front desk and flipped through it. I asked him if he knew anything about the Bible. He said he didn’t know much, at that time Derek came up to the table and started to talk about his favorite verses. Derek then asked me for my favorite verse. To which I responded asking him to look up Psalm 30:5 and he read it out loud, “Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.”

I told him that there are times that I am going through difficult moments in my life, whether it’s situations with my family, or at work and I look at that verse and remember that “Joy” comes in the morning. For the next 15 minutes, Derek, Hakeem and I just started to go through and reading our favorite verses and discussing what made those verses so special. At the end of our talk, Derek asked if there were any verses about dealing with death, as his aunt is very sick and he wants to have verses to read at home and to his aunt. I quickly wrote them down and gave him a spare Bible we had for him to bring and give to his aunt. He was so happy that he immediately highlighted the verses for his aunt and couldn’t wait to get home to see her.

It wasn’t in any specialized club or program that this amazing moment happened, but through just one kid seeing and flipping through the Bible a great relationship began. We look forward to seeing both these kids at Albany City Life Club and continuing our conversation.

-Amanda Paeglow

*Names have been changed