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August 31, 2018
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Father-Kid Trip

“It was truly a gift to be able to have this experience with both of my children. This 4-day canoeing adventure led by Shiloh’s Edge was nothing short of perfect. It was so organized, and so well prepared. Thankful my kids first true camping experience was this one. So grateful for the memories that were made, all of the sharing and group time with the other Dads and kids. The backdrop of this trip was amazing views, challenges and adversity, storms and sunrises, sunshine and rain, rough and still waters. All of this created the perfect opportunity for me and my kids to grow closer together. That is what this trip was all about for me. It was approximately 50 miles of canoeing through Long Lake and Raquette River. 4 days of awesomeness. Thanking God for this ministry that has sown so much into me and my children in such a short time.”

For several years, we’ve offered the opportunity for fathers to join their children on one of our dedicated dad and kid canoe camping trips. I see such immense value in these types of experiences.

We recently returned from one of these adventures where I shared a few lessons that were passed along to me from a new friend of mine who just finished hiking the Appalachian Trail all the way from Georgia to Maine with his wife and 6 kids (their youngest child is 2 and the oldest is 17). As our team sat together on a sandy river bank deep in the Adirondack wilderness, we absorbed the wisdom from a dad who loves Jesus and his family deeply. The practical and spiritual lessons he shared with us were titled “The best thing a dad can do is walk beside our kids.” A fitting title from a dad who on August 9, 2018 finished a walk of 2190 miles along side of his 6 kids.

If you would be interested in joining us on one of these adventures in 2019 please contact me at

-Steve Prettyman