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June 28, 2018
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July 3, 2018
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Recently a student was having a difficult time navigating our high ropes course. Balancing on a steel cable 43’ in the air isn’t easy, but this particular student was struggling mentally with being so far outside of her comfort zone. As Kelly looked at the obstacles ahead you could sense her anxiety rising. She needed help to get through this moment and that’s when Alexis came to the rescue.

As Alexis worked her way over to where Kelly was perched, something special happened. I think Kelly summed it up best when she told Alexis “You just being here gives me confidence”. Purposefully Kelly and Alexis worked through the obstacles together while anxiety and uncertainty were gradually replaced with self-assurance. Kelly went on to successfully complete every challenge we had to offer that day, including the zip line, all with a huge smile.

There are days when a student will need advice about solving a complicated issue regarding friends or school. There will also be times when a student will need help creating a detailed plan to achieve a personal goal. And then there are those times when a young person is looking for answers to their questions about God or the reason they exist on this Earth.

But then there are those days when a young person just needs to know they are not alone and having a caring adult by their side gives them all the confidence they need to navigate the challenges before them.

I’m thankful that students like Kelly get to meet adults like Alexis through our ministry.

-Steve Prettyman

*Names have been changed