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August 10, 2018
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August 22, 2018
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Climb Over Walls

Erica is one of our middle school girls. She is super goofy, athletic, and is a leader to her peers, but not always in a positive way. Erica is best known for marching to the beat of her own drum.  She has been coming to Clifton Park middle school Club since the very beginning.

When I first met Erica about two years ago, she was very vague in how she talked to you and what information she gave you about herself. You could tell she was very guarded and cautious as to whom she would even converse with. Although she has no Christian background, she has a great family, with very loving parents. Even though she tries to be as mysterious as she can, you can tell she just wants someone to climb over all of those walls she has built.

After working with her for two years, we have created an awesome friendship and frequently hang out. In the beginning of our journey together she was very closed, not really interactive with the leaders and other students and did not care what you had to say. She has come a long way. Now she brings friends every week, and is also more open and actually shows interest in the people around her. It has been a beautiful breakthrough to watch.

Now Erica and I talk on a weekly basis, hang out and she even gives me tips on basketball, which is her favorite sport. She has a great heart. I would ask that you pray for Erica. She has not committed her life to Jesus, but every day takes steps a little bit closer to that path. Pray that the Lord would grab a hold of her heart, renew her mind and to know how much she is loved.

-Alexis Hernandez

*Names have been changed